Samantha Henderson is our Shining Star for March.  Samantha has been at LCHD for 2 years she has served in many roles since her hiring and is now at Lynnwood.  She is a Certified Nurse’s Aide and also is a Med Aide and works as a EMT-B in her off time as a volunteer.  Sam, “Has had many jobs at LCHD and has loved every minute of it.  She has worked many places and none were like LCHD, We are more like a family rather than Just another place to work.”

Sam is married to Allen, they have 2 daughters Saydi (3) and Sophie (1).  She likes to spend time with her family and craft.  She has never met a stranger and always brings a smile to her work.    Sam says,”Being a wife & mommy is her greatest accomplishment of all!”


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Did you know that you can nominate someone for Employee of the Month??  Managers, Staff and Patients/Residents can nominate LCHD employees and submit the nominations to a committee member. Current Committee Members: Steve Brock, Eva Alvarado, Mandy Graves, John Baker, Susie King, Kathy Grant, Lindsay Harrell, Travis Armstrong & Jill Stone.