The nurses station at Lynn County Hospital has a brand new look, and more importantly, provides a much more efficient workspace for staff at the Hospital to tend to the details of their jobs.

Using the funds raised by the exceptional generosity of area residents at last spring’s Billy Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Benefit Auction, as well as hospital funds designated for the project, the nurse station project has now been completed. 

“The former nurses station was extremely close and cramped quarters, and effectively allowed only three people to work there,” Explained John Baker with Lynn County Hospital District(LCHD).  “The hospital was built in the 1970’s and the nurses station as had a few changes and ‘bandaids’ to fix issues, but it was just extremely inefficient for the ongoing needs of the hospital,” he added.

In addition to new cabinetry, flooring and ceiling work, the area needed new lighting and ventilation, and also encompasses upgraded technology needs and storage space.  All surface materials now adhere to hospital-grade antibacterial requirements, and the counter space is now arranged to comply with HIPPA privacy laws. 

“It’s a much more efficient use of the space, its safer, and new work stations and computers have been added,” said Baker.

Work on the project began June 1, and actual demolition of the old nurses station began in August.  The new station is proving to be efficient and much-improved place for staff to do their jobs. 

“We are committed to providing a safe and efficient place not only for our staff to be able to do their jobs, but to provide the most effective care to our patients,” said a hospital representative. 

By Juanell Jones


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