Congratulations to our EMS program. November 21st they were awarded the Volunteer provider of the year by the Texas Department of State Health Services. It is a much deserved award given to our great staff & volunteers.

Below is part of the submission by Traci Jolly:
“Our service area is 893 sq. miles and we have 12 certified volunteers (of these only 2 are ALS providers) with 4 drivers. We work as a team and recently that teamwork and sense of “family” shone brightly. When the RAC asked LCHD to staff a unit to send with the strike team for Hurricane Harvey Relief two of our full-time members immediately stepped up requiring our volunteers to stand in the gap. Our volunteer members staff our units nights, weekends, and holidays in addition to their full-time jobs and family obligations. Many times we do not see our families due to answering up for 911. When one of us comes up sick or with sick family you can always count on another member to step in and handle the responsibility on the truck. We are a family and that means something to our service. We are hospital based and not only do we answer calls to 911, but we are also called on by the hospital staff to assist in the facility as well. Sometimes you just need hands. We help when asked. We all have a strong sense of community and a strong desire to help. We are proud of the service we are able to provide, a service of heart.”

Stop by the EMS office to see the beautiful award they were given. 🙂