2015 Auction:

Lynn County Hospital District Ambulance 2015Impressive! Hospital benefit surpasses goal, as citizens give generously at auction

If you ask the citizens of Lynn County to give generously for a good cause, they respond with good hearts and deep pocketbooks.  Saturday’s auction event to raise funds for a new ambulance for Lynn County EMS surpassed a goad of $34,000, with early figures indicating the possibility of another $2,500 anticipated to be collected.

Stace Holland, Chief Executive Officer for Lynn County Hospital District (LCHD), reported Tuesday that $34,390.57 had been deposited from the Billy Tomlinson Memorial Hospital Benefit Auction held Saturday at the county showbarn, with more funds expected to come in the next few days.

Tahoka Rotary Club sponsors the annual event, with support from the Tahoka Volunteer Fire Department, who fries the fish and potatoes for the fish fry, to Phebe K. Warner Club who provides their popular homemade ice cream, and Lynn County 4-H youth who sell drinks at the event.  Then there are the local and area businesses, organizations, and individuals who donate auction items to be sold, and the buyers who good-naturedly bid against each other and give deeply.

“I fully expect we are going to be north of $36,000, maybe even $37,000 within a few days, “ said LCHD EMS Director John Baker, expressing appreciation to those who gave so generously.  “People always support the EMS- it’s very encouraging that they appreciate what we do.”

Baker said that with the auction funds committed to the ambulance fund, anticipates that a completion grant may soon be forthcoming.

“We have another foundation that we have been working with for a completion grant of $38,000, and we have had several communications with them.  They say we fit the cirteria they want to give to so now that we can report we have the funds we anticipated raising, we are very hopeful that we get word within the next week that this completion grant  will be approved,” he said.

The new ambulance has already been ordered, and it’s on the way, due to arrive in Lynn County by June 1st.  Baker says the EMS crew is delighted that the service is getting a new 2015 ambulance.

“It will be nice to be on the cutting edge, rather than the trailing edge,” said Baker.  “This new ambulance is nice, just like UMC’s new trucks except ours will have 4-wheel-drive, which we need for all the rural roads in the county.  This will give us a fleet of three good ambulances that will be able to take anywhere in Lynn County, “ he said, adding that the EMS has had many occasions when all three trucks are out simultaneously.

“I am extremely appreciative of the citizens of Lynn County and the efforts put forth by everybody involved in Saturday’s auction,” said the EMS Director