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Pete Paniagua Before and After

I made my decision that I needed to take control of my obesity on September 15th, 2016. My wife had just bought me a new Texas Tech Lounge Chair, and she teased me that if I gained any more weight, I would not be able to sit in it. At the time I tilted the scales at 239 lbs. Although there was room for more pounds in the chair, once I sat in the new chair, I had a very difficult time getting out of it, and back on solid ground.

I knew I had to do something, but what? I had tried a couple of times to lose weight…even went to the Gym 2-3 times per week. It wasn’t my lack of inactivity as much as it was that I ate all the wrong types of foods. Instead of trying harder, the only extra effort I put out was reaching for that second helping of mashed potatoes!
One day, I arrived to work and felt flushed. Since I work at the Specialty Clinic, I asked Denise, our nurse at the time, to check my blood pressure. It had skyrocketed at 182/95. My blood sugar level was 1 number away from full blown diabetes. I knew I was in trouble. She advised me to contact my doctor for a complete evaluation.

The next day, I contacted my family Doctor, and scheduled a complete physical. He did not like my readings, so he referred me to a Cardiologist, who referred me to a sleep specialist. Turned out I was also suffering from sleep apnea—no wonder I felt so sleepy in the afternoons!

My turning point came when I had to begin sleeping with a CPAP Mask/Machine. After about a month, I made the decision that I did not want to spend the rest of my life sleeping with an uncomfortable mask, just so that I could gorge on every kind of food imaginable.

It seems that after I made my decision to get serious about losing weight, the Lord answered my prayers. The Hospital asked for volunteers to sign up for a pilot program for some new diet that they wanted to bring to our Patients. I quickly volunteered, and found out it was called the Ideal Protein Diet. I began my diet journey officially on October 12th, 2016, and set a goal of dropping 50 pounds, down to 185 pounds.

All during the time I was on the diet, I did not go hungry. The foods we got to eat were not only healthy, but tasted good. It seemed like the weight just started melting off. My energy level increased dramatically, and even my knees began to feel so much better.

On April 12th, 2017 I completed and graduated from the Ideal Protein Diet Program. Altogether I came down from a whopping 239 pounds and a 48 inch waist down to 170 pounds and a 34 inch waist. I had surpassed my original goal of 185 pounds, primarily because I wanted my BMI (Body Mass Index) to drop to normal, and my knees felt better and better with every extra pound I dropped.
My blood pressure dropped from the 182/95 down to 115/70. My blood sugar levels are now normal, and I no longer need a CPAP machine. My wife loves it, as she now gets a good night sleep without my snoring. I look and feel better than I have in years.

I highly recommend this program for anyone that is suffering from obesity, or any health issues related to obesity. The program is well structured, and you have support from day one. You even get recipes and coaching second to none, to help you along the way.

Make your decision today, and invest what you normally spend eating out into the Ideal Protein Diet Program. Your life will change, and once you complete the program, you will again be able to eat the foods you like, but the difference is as they say: “I will eat to live, not live to eat!”

Pete M Paniagua
For more information or to start your journey to success please contact the LCHD Fitness Center 806-561-1340